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Hello, I am Silke, one of the H3 program managers. I have my own biotech startup project running and I love to sing! Happy to help with anything!


H3 Program Management | DFKZ

Hi, I'm Christian one of the H3 program managers. I am a podcast addicat and love to try and build innovative tools and solutions. Happy to help!


H3 Program Management | HZI

I am the project manager for the HZDR Innovators School, serving as the link between the Health research at the HZDR and the agile H3 community. I aim to provide guidance and support.


Technology Transfer | HZDR

Hi, I'm Sabrina and working in HR development at the DZNE. I love to support the H3 team as a sparring partner for all kinds of learning formats.


HR/career development | DZNE

My name is Stefan and I am supporting all technology transfer activities at the HZI including the H3 program.


HZI | Innovation management

I am a technology transfer professional supporting H3 with more than two decades of expertise in intellectual property management and deal-making in the life sciences.


Technology Transfer | DKFZ

With experience in business development, licensing and in the venture field, I am the H3 coordinator for Helmholtz Munich and the project manager for our new start-up incubator in Munich.


Helmholtz Munich | Venture & Transfer

Hi, I am Heike. As innovation manager at HZI I am supporting our scientists in technology and knowledge transfer.


HZI | Innovation management

Hi, I am Celina and my passion is developing people and empowering them to make great contributions to science and beyond. H3 is an exciting place for aspiring entrepreneurs.


HR/career development | DKFZ